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SYRIA #Rus_MoD analyzed effectiveness of missile and bomb strike made by the United States, Great Britain, and Fran… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

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    Mr Andrea Solari

    @mod_russia Com'è andata la sfida "S300 / missile da crociera Tomahawk"? Mi puoi anche gentilmente dire cosa abbiamo realmente preso?

    16 апреля в 21:59
  • RameshK__

    @mod_russia Thank you for a well explained report.

    16 апреля в 22:47
  • Fluidphysics
    MafIa Monthly


    17 апреля в 00:21
  • khaled_binali
    خ.أ.ل.د بن العطار

    @mod_russia Them young nice nd smart nd pretty western missiles are no match to the old Russian smarter missiles. Kill rate is

    17 апреля в 00:46
  • Samheinas

    @mod_russia @mfa_russia Yeh yeh

    17 апреля в 01:21
  • NetWorkWriter

    @mod_russia @CamboRusEmba JAPAN DESEVE EVERYTHING.

    17 апреля в 05:18
  • LJ_Brodigan1
    Sus Violentia

    @mod_russia Interesting analysis of the #Syria strike(s) from #Russian perspective. To be fair, I've seen satellite… https://t.co/mlaT9fgqAc

    17 апреля в 10:02
  • jaskozoki

    @mod_russia This is amazing but is there chance that Russian army show debris of missiles . There is plenty of them… https://t.co/SMJDOsndUG

    17 апреля в 19:23
  • NetWorkWriter

    @mod_russia @RusiaColombia YOU DID NOT TRUSTED ME.

    18 апреля в 03:43